Patient as a person


Patient as a Person Foundation (Dutch: Stichting Mens Achter de Patiënt) dreams of person-centred health- and social care. To this end, the foundation start where tomorrow’s professionals start: in education. Through active participation of patients in education, the foundation aims to secure patient-centeredness and interprofessional collaboration in the education of future generations.

In four weeks, students from different educational backgrounds and people who have experience with illness and health- or social care exchange experiences. The aim for the students is to gain insight in the impact of illness and the role professionals have in this, from the patients’ perspective. A group consists of a maximum of sixteen participants: twelve students and four patient experts. Through this small-scale setting, a confidential atmosphere is guaranteed.

Each year also non-Dutch students of the Bachelor programmes in European Public Health and International Track in Medicine participate in the module. Therefore, we are looking for English speaking patients who want to share their experiences with health-or social care with these students!

Because of the COVID-19 situation a digital Patients as a Person module has been developed to ensure experiences can be shared safely. This digital module also offers the opportunity to participate for people who live outside of Limburg, the Netherlands!

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